“Paper mentor” based on candid interviews with prominent artists and scientists over age 65 provides inspiration, support, and guidance for young women entering careers and for mid-career changers.
Parents, guidance and career counselors, as well as gender studies professors will find this book invaluable in providing women with role models who share their life stories with humor, compassion, and zest.

About the Author

Karma Kitaj

In publishing books about high-achieving people, Karma Kitaj (pronounced “Key-Tie”) has tied together a long-standing love of books with a family emphasis on lifelong learning. As a teenager, Karma devoured Great Books – Dostoevsky, Proust, Kafka. Her mother, an English teacher, grilled her on grammar so she could place first in state English and Latin competitions. In the mid-1980s, when she was turning 40, Karma, a licensed social worker with a thriving private practice, returned to school to complete her Ph.D., responding to her elderly Viennese grandmother’s insistent question: “When are you going to finish your studies?”