Please remember that my new historical novel, Becoming a Woman of Substance is available for purchase in Print and Kindle versions on Amazon. The audio will be available shortly. for Barnes and Noble, Apple ebook users, libraries, internationally.It’s the sequel to Beguiled (2018). In Becoming, protagonist Miriam Levine Butler, born in 1900, despite cataclysmic world events, personal catastrophes, and some joyous experiences, shows her resiliency and spunk, becoming a person of substance. Excerpt from Literary Titan reviewer:”Kitaj is a spectacular writer who does not shy away from hitting the hard topics. These topics include racism, sexism, and mental illness, which I find were handled expertly by providing viewpoints from all sides. Rather than preaching her thoughts on the topics, Kitaj uses interactions and dialogue to teach not only the main character, but also the audience, of how many people struggled during these times.”