It’s been more than 3 years since I put fingers to keyboard to begin this project. My first fiction piece. I couldn’t be happier about the outcome. Oh, gosh, I shouldn’t be saying that. Authors are supposed to be really critical of their writing, especially newbies. But, as I’ve said to friends, “I’m my own best fan.”

Where does this come from? This (probably unrealistic) glee? I’m genuinely thrilled to offer BEGUILED to the public, another little piece of my legacy. Well, my mother, Jeanne Brooks Kitaj, to whom this book is dedicated, and who was the inspiration for BEGUILED, always said: “You have to toot your own horn, no one else will do it.” That’s not entirely true. Look at all the wonderful reviews in GoodReads.

But, it’s fun, rather than agonizing, to plan the book launches, to have created this lovely website, with the always present eye of the designer, Danielle Koehler, and a book trailer (coming soon!). Fun is better than agony, right? So maybe Jeanne was right.

Other things I’m gleeful about: 1) having just competed in national competition for Argentinian tango with my husband Jeff Cooper, 2) displaying my art work (using the ancient painting method called encaustic and occasionally selling a piece), 3) being able to handle my little Andalusian/ Welsh pony horse without letting him toss me off.

Please enjoy BEGUILED which will be available at Amazon and some bookstores and via this website.