Our generous and talented Argentinian tango instructors, Fernanda and Guillermo (pictured here), are hosting a book launch event for my new historical novel BEGUILED on Friday June 1st at 7:30-9 PM at Artango, 380 Washington St, Brighton (Boston), 2nd floor, followed by a milonga (the tango social dance). During the book launch, my husband Jeff Cooper will ask me “edgy” questions, which I will answer directly or not, you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions. I will do a short reading to introduce the time period (early 1900s), the main characters, and the Action. Then Fernanda and Guillermo will dance for us. If you’ve never seen tango performed, you’re in for a treat.

If you cannot make the event, find BEGUILED on Amazon and immerse yourself in the life of Miriam, who takes the reader into unexpected places, unconventional choices, and meets famous bohemians of the Roaring 20s in NYC.
Hope to see you there!