Costumed in 1920s garb in honor of the time period of BEGUILED, we had a grand time at Artango on June 1st, launching my first novel. Fernanda Ghi, our lovely Argentinian tango instructor, introduced me. As she said, when in “the embrace,” we’re all equal, we don’t know what the other does outside of the dance floor. Then when she heard from me, “I wrote a novel,” she and her partner Guillermo Merlo, decided to fete me.

I was delighted to see my friends from different times/ interests come together. People from my old couple’s book club, people I met when I interviewed them for my TV show, “ALivelihood: New Adventures As We Age,” people from the Life Planning Network, dear close friends, tango friends, art friends, all were there to celebrate me and BEGUILED.

Even though Jeff, my husband, was prepared to “interview” me about my process of writing, there were so many intriguing questions from the audience, that I responded to those instead. Beginning with Fernanda’s question: what made you write this book (answered elsewhere in these blog posts) to How did you think you could write a novel without any experience (my husband’s question)? What kind of help did you have? How did writing BEGUILED change your views about your mother, the muse for this story? How did it change your perception of yourself?

After reading a part of the first chapter of BEGUILED, “The Homecoming,” Fernanda and Guillermo did a social tango demonstration, exhibiting their beautiful technique and humor on the stage. Then Jeff and I were bold enough to dance for our friends, even though I didn’t take the time to get my dance shoes on, so I couldn’t even pivot. It was a lovely evening. Thank you, everyone, who participated in my joy.