Becoming a Woman of Substance is born. I’ve completed ALL of the countless versions of my 2nd novel (4th book) with the masterful help of editor Amaryah Orenstein and beta readers. My next project is to decide how I want to publish it. Since my first 2 books, Women Who Could… and Did (2002) and Women Riders Who Could… and Did (2010) were self-published, I feel confident about going back to that publishing modality. And I like having the complete freedom to make decisions about how I want my book to look.

Let me give you a sneak preview about Becoming. In this sequel to Beguiled, the protagonist Miriam Levine Butler comes into her own after many internal struggles, losses, and false starts.

In the beginning of the novel, we encounter Miriam, living in a communal family house with her parents, her husband Noel Butler, and her daughter in Greenwich Village. She had had a miserable winter, experiencing a similar kind of malaise that her mother (Ma) had when Miriam was a child. She has taken extreme measures to keep herself afloat. She has been the primary caregiver to her multiply handicapped daughter Alice for ten years, but yearns for a larger life, where she can make a difference, one that feels meaningful for her.

She has an epiphany and fueled by Ma’s lecture about not ending up like she was years before, she ventures out again and searches for ways to sustain herself. The story follows Miriam through the years of the Great Depression in the 1930s, working for and the demise of the Federal Theater Project, meeting prominent people, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, being a prominent member of the Child Welfare Board in NYC, working for a corrupt businesswoman, and finally, being elected to the New York State Assembly. By the 1950s, she has thoroughly refashioned herself into a “woman of substance” and finally gets the approbation of her critical mother, something she has yearned for her entire life.

I am looking for people who:

  1. Have an interest and expertise in this period of history: 1930s-1950.
  2. Have been involved with theater
  3. Have personal experience with mixed race relationships
  4. Who might be interested in reading my manuscript and writing a review or blurb for the book cover.

Please comment here, if you have any ideas.