Would love to get help in finding a memorable title for this sequel. Here is a short synopsis of this story, which follows the protagonist, Miriam Levine Butler from 1938-1942. Since she was born in 1900, you (and I) can easily keep track of her age. If you know your history, these were the waning years of the Depression and entry of US into WWII.

The setting is Greenwich Village in New York. Miriam was shown in the coming-of-age story BEGUILED to be a self-absorbed, but bright and beautiful young girl and then young woman. The only daughter of a Russian-Jewish couple, she grew up in a scrappy immigrant community in Boston. She was obsessed with being on stage so had moved to NYC to seek her fortune in theater despite having a 2-year old son, whom she left with her parents. There she met luminaries like Eugene O’Neill and the man who was to become her husband, Noel, and she was able to reunite the whole family due to Noel’s largesse. The crash of 1929 found Miriam finally being able to feel love from her critical mother.

In the sequel, Miriam shows the vulnerabilities that still haunt her at age 38. But, feisty as she can be, she embraces the ambition to change her life, to make it meaningful. She lands a dream job at the Federal Theater Project during the Great Depression, only to have it aborted early. Many obstacles and losses, external and internal, beleaguer her. Yet, she learns from the forces of opposition and becomes a strong woman, working to transform lives of needy children, much like she was growing up in an immigrant community in Boston.

I would like to find a title that both reflects the story line and is memorable, perhaps alliterative (2 words starting with the same consonant like Gone Girl, Caleb’s Crossing). It needs to use letters that I like, such as B, C, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R.

Any feedback you can offer would be much appreciated. And I’ll credit you in the book, of course.