Here is a lovely description of BEGUILED, written by Connie Cline of Brattleboro VT.

Beguiled is an historical fiction gem. Once I finished the first chapter, I could do little else until I finished the book to discover how things would turn out for these passionate and compassionate characters. And just like life, you never know what will happen tomorrow!

This story is so timely for today though it takes place in the 1920s. As then, here we are today dealing with inhumane cruelty to people, and children, who simply by having been born female or Latino, black, Muslim or Jew, have either little money or little purchase, or both, to gain any ground against the power brokers, that are still mostly white male-dominated. And this story reminds us that male, female, privileged or impoverished, everyone’s story is deeper and more complex than we can rarely, if ever, know. The characters have the moral strength to be discerning and take action against injustices, while also demonstrating that we should not judge too quickly the choices someone makes, we should ponder what might have happened to influence them to make their choices, whether these choices result in heart-bursting cruelty or kindness, or are just the everyday variety of missteps that stem from human frailties.

The characters experienced through Beguiled, like all of us, because we lack the objectivity of looking back from the distance of time, are barely aware of the historic relevance of the choices they are making. They make mistakes, they show remarkable strength, and they also make choices that at times take us aback and at times make us rejoice, just like the people in our own lives do.

So take this journey, reflect on the past and the present, and let it inform your future.

Thank you, Karma, for such a thoughtful and entertaining story!

Connie Cline, Dancing Friend, Semi-Retired Educator & Leadership Coach