So many of my readers have asked for a sequel to Beguiled. They don’t want to let go of Miriam, who’s become a dear friend to them and they can’t wait to see what happens to her after what might seem like an abrupt ending of the story.

When asked, I have always said: No, I don’t want to follow my characters into and through the Depression. But, due to the overwhelming response, I felt that I had to consider how I might write a sequel that will keep me engaged, keep me on the edge of my seat eager to learn where my characters will take me next.

How will Miriam mature as the decades pass? Will she continue to blossom or will she stagnate, like so many women did in the 1950s? Will she be a leader, using the experiences she’s had in her theater days? Following in the footsteps of her dear suffragist high school teacher Miss Marbles? Gaining from the exposure to the Workmen’s Circle, her father’s beloved socialist-unionist organization that met at their home during Miriam’s childhood? What wisdom will she glean from being a daughter of immigrant parents, a 1st generation American, a wife, a mother?

I’m getting curious now about where Miriam will land. She was born in 1900. So she will have lived through not only the Depression, but WWII, the Cold War, the McCarthy era, and depending on how long she lives, the 2nd women’s movement of the 1970s.

I have a preliminary notion about how to write this sequel now. But, it’s all up to the characters to lead me on the path. I’ll keep you, my present and prospective readership, informed about where Beguiled: Continued goes.