I’m writing the sequel to the first novel that was published in 2018. It covers the period between 1938 – about 1950.

The protagonist Miriam meets a man 10 years her junior on assignment from the Federal Theater Project, funded by the WPA during the New Deal to keep unemployed theater people off the dole. They are to interview migrants from far Midwest who fled to CA to escape the drought and sandstorms.

Miriam travels to California with this young man, a Haitian Creole who often passes for white, because his maternal grandfather, a slaveowner in Haiti, was white. At work in San Joachin Valley interviewing migrants, they encounter two people who warn them, not kindly, against inter-racial relationships.

A white woman myself, I want to portray the dilemma of this couple with sensitivity, not color-blindness. I’d like to avoid racial stereotypes, but to write realistically about what it might have been like for these two to travel for work, regardless of whether they are a couple.

If my readers have any information about good reading about this subject, please comment.

Shirley Temple with Bill Robinson